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Acne has been a struggle for a lot of people, especially teenagers.

Everyone wants to have that perfect glowing skin to look radiant. Most people have turned to different products walking from store to store for this cause. Little do they know that the products they need can be found in our homes.

So today we would discuss several home remedies to get rid of acne and how to prepare them.

Home Remedy For Acne

Almost all the ingredients required for these home acne treatments are readily available at home. Read below

1. Apple cider vinegar: Among the many home remedies for acne, this is considered the most effective. This natural acne remedy is said to balance the pH of the skin preventing the bacteria to grow. It dries up excess oil and works as an astringent. To use this natural remedy for acne, you need to mix one part vinegar to 3 parts water before applying it to the infected areas.

2. Raw papaya: Papaya is considered to be a simple and easy way to get rid of excess lipids and dead skin. The papain contained in papaya is said to reduce inflammation. You can use this natural treatment for acne by simply mashing up the papaya and applying on your face

3. Milk and honey mask: Milk has been used throughout history to cool skin and reduce the redness and soreness around acne sores and pustules. Adding the anti-microbial honey to milk is said to help in preventing growth of the bacteria. To make this topical natural acne remedy, add 1 tablespoon of milk with one tablespoon of honey and apply daily. Allow the mixture to dry before scrubbing it off.

4. Cinnamon honey mask: The antimicrobial properties of cinnamon and the antibiotic properties of honey is considered a great combination to help remove the bacteria that causes acne. To make this natural acne remedy mask, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply the paste for about 10 to 15 minutes at least two to three times a day till the face becomes clean and clear.

5.Egg whites: This is one of the home remedies for acne that is considered to be great for reducing acne and effective in acne scars removal. The high concentration of protein and vitamins in egg whites is what helps in reducing this menace. Whisk the egg whites till frothy. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and apply on your face in layers. Wash off with warm water after the mask is dry.

6. Orange peel paste: Oranges are not only refreshing, they are also a powerhouse of vitamin C and citric acid. The astringent properties help in opening pores and growth of new healthy cells. The paste can be created by grinding orange peel and mixing it with water in a mortar and pestle.‎

7. Tea tree oil: ‎The antibacterial properties of the tea tree ‎oil help in reducing acne causing bacteria. It also helps in opening pores and therefore preventing future outbreaks.