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(Must Read): 7 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep (ways to earn $3200 weekly income!!)

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If someone were to tell you that you could make money while you sleep what would you think?

Maybe you already know this is possible. Maybe you already know someone else that does this.

With the advent of the Internet, passive income is now a reality for everybody. Before, passive income was relegated to the people that could afford to invest money in the stock market or real estate.


Now the Internet offers you so many different ways to make a passive income that it makes sense for everybody to get involved.

What Is Passive Income?

passive income ideas

This is an important question to answer because people have misconceptions about what passive income is all about.

Some people believe the passive really means passive as in you don’t do anything at all.

This isn’t correct.

The idea behind passive income is that you actively do work upfront so that later you can make money when you aren’t doing anything at all.

Therefore it is possible to make money in your sleep ONLY if you’ve put in the work to make that happen.

Sorry to tell you there aren’t any magic formulas here where you get to make money without doing anything.

With that in mind don’t let that discourage you. Working towards passive income is great because once you have the systems in place, you can focus on enjoying life while still making money.

Picture yourself out on vacation and you aren’t worrying about money because you are still making money every single day. This is especially great if you work for yourself because many times when you work for yourself and you aren’t doing any work, then you aren’t making any money.

Having a passive income stream ensures that the money machine is churning out bills 24/7.

Having Multiple Streams of Revenue

Another awesome thing about passive income is that once you have a solid system in place you begin to look at other streams of passive income. If you end up creating a system where you are only spending a couple hours a week or month maintaining then that gives you time to look at other ways to make passive income.

As a blogger, this means that if you’ve written an ebook and have a nice sales funnel set up, then you can turn your focus towards creating an online course.

Have an ebook and online course? Time to look at starting a membership site.

Once you have a single stream of passive income it becomes possible to continue to build on top of that. That way if one stream dies out (it happens) then you have others to keep you supported.

7 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep

Just a reminder, none of these methods are hands-off. You will have to put some work in to make them successful.

1. Selling eBooks

You might think that you aren’t a writer so you can’t write an ebook but anybody can write one just as easy as anyone can sell one.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform makes it extremely easy for anyone to get a book up in front of millions of people.

One of the hardest parts about selling an ebook is finding an audience. With Amazon, you are working with a marketplace that already has a built-in audience.

The only downside to using Amazon is that the market expects books to be within a certain price range. If you want to sell a $29 ebook, then doing it on Amazon is going to be harder than doing it on your own site.

Both options are extremely viable, you just have to consider which direction you want to go.

The initial work, of course, comes from writing the book. If you really don’t feel like writing a book but you still want to sell ebooks then you can contract a ghostwriter to handle all of the writing for you.

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork provide you with a ton of options in finding the right person to write your next masterpiece.

2. Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest methods of making money online to implement.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote another company’s products and get a commission when the user makes a purchase.

For example, the largest affiliate program in the world is Amazon’s Associates Program. You can link to any product on Amazon and if you’re readers click the link and then make a purchase, you get a percentage.

As you can imagine this method of passive income appeals to a lot of people because you don’t have to worry about product creation or customer service. You just have to push people towards a product and hope the seller does a good job of converting them.

3. Online Courses

Online courses are big money makers but as you can imagine there is a lot of upfront work in creating the course.

However, once you’ve done a great job you can just focus on letting people know about the course.

When it comes to options for hosting your course you have more than a couple.

If you want to go the Amazon route where you have an audience already set for you then take a look at Udemy.

However, if you want most of the money to go back into your wallet then check out Teachable. With Teachable you will have to work on building up your own audience so keep that in mind.

4. Online Advertising

It’s still possible to make pretty good money through online ads.

The only downside to this method is that if you want to make more than a $1,000 a month then you probably need to get your site to over 100,000 pageviews a month.

That is no easy feat but it’s certainly possible if you use the right methods.

The way most online advertising works is that you get paid based on how many times an ad has been shown.

Usually, this is done using a metric called CPM which translates into cost per thousand views.

So if your ads are paying you a rate of $5 CPM then that means for every 1,000 pageviews (assuming you have ads on each page) you are going to make $5.

If you run a blog that is doing over 100,000 pageviews a month then take a look at an ad network like AdThrive to get the most out of your traffic.

5. Create YouTube Videos

Similar to online advertising with written content, you can make money with YouTube videos that have ads on them.

You’d be amazed at the money some channels are making every year with YouTube.

Did you know there are families making millions from recording their kids opening toys? Seriously.

In fact, there are adults opening toys and making millions.

It’s pretty crazy to see the niches that are built around YouTube videos.

6. License Your Photos

There are a number of stock photography websites that would love to take a look at your photos and offer them to their customers.

iStockPhoto is one website and since everyone has a camera in their pocket now, there is always an opportunity to make some passive income on the side.

7. Start a Drop Shipping Business

What is drop shipping?

Imagine you have an online store that sells a product. However, you don’t keep the product in a warehouse and you don’t even make the product yourself.

Instead, what you do is contact a manufacturer to make the product and ship it to the customer for you.

All you do is manage the website that pulls in the customers.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

More and more people are getting into drop shipping because of the different types of products that one can offer.

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Do You Wash Raw Chicken Before You Cook It? After Reading This, You Will Never Do It Again!

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As a lot of people do, probably you are also washing raw chicken before you cook it. At first, it seems that the washing is adequate as you avoid potential contamination caused by the food.

According to Professor Jennifer Kwinlan from the Drexel University, when you buy a frozen chicken, it already has salmonella or Campylobacter or even both. These two bacteria are the main reason for food contamination.

When you wash a frozen chicken, you are probably spreading the bacteria all over the kitchen and on you as well. This is because the water you use for washing the chicken isn’t hot enough to kill germs.

Usually, people tend to wash frozen chicken in order to wash visible dirt, to clean it from potential bacteria, etc. Nonetheless, by washing the chicken, the bacteria actually spread on the sink and the surrounding area through the process of aerosolization. Therefore, there is no of exposing yourself to this risk, as the cooking at high temperature will destroy all bacteria.

The safest way to remove any visible dirt is with a paper towel. Just wipe the chicken with a paper towel and then dispose of it.

Statistically speaking, in Great Britain, yearly, around 280000 people are diagnosed with contamination caused by the Campylobacter and most of the contamination occurs due to washing frozen chicken.

Lady gives married man an epic and hilarious response after he asked her out (Photos)

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You know how ladies can be when they are not interested in a guy trying to woo them yeah? Some of them – who are single – can go ahead and claim they have a boyfriend, while some could say it bluntly that they aren’t interested.

Well, this lady on Twitter decided to switch things up her own style and it’s really hilarious – she claims that it was actually a married man who tried to woo her and after saying what she felt she needed to dismiss him, his reaction is quite surprising.

She says she told the man that she was a les.6ian and then after, the man began to preach to her – amused by this, she challenged him and said he was about to sin before, so why is he preaching now…

See his response after… lol,

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Wizkid Blast Davido Again (See What He Wrote)

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The beef between Davido and Wizkid is official as Wizkid Blasts Davido in new tweet that’s currently trending.

Yesterday, Davido dropped a new song ‘Summer Body’ with Olamide in which he dissed Wizkid.

“With our Yankee passport/Dem say we local/You better catch up/I go see you later,” Davido sang, referencing Wizkid’s previous shade where the Starboy branded him a local artist.

Now, Wizkid is not holding back in his reply to the song lyrics, he took to Micro-blogging website, twitter to fire back.

“My people make una remember say Yankee passport no be baba blue, e no dey cure frog voice,” said the Come Closer singer in one savage tweet that has gotten everyone talking

Davido drops shade as Wizkid prepares to drop his EP…

The messy beef started weeks ago, after Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke, who has a penchant for being a loudmouth dissed Wizkid by calling Canadian singer The Weeknd’s music. “The Real Starboy”.

Wizkid unfollowed Davido on social media shortly after that, and the OBO retialiated by unfollowing the Starboy, too.

After this tweet, Wizkid is currently trending on Twitter and we are wondering what’s the next stage of their beef. Anther Drake vs Meek Mill?

Corps members seat on the floor while Davido addresses them (Photos)

September 01, 2018 0

The picture of popular Nigerian musician, Davido addressing corps members seated on the floor is currently going viral.

The superstar singer, can be seen addressing fellow corps members as they are seated on the parade ground at the National Youth Service Corp at the NYSC camp in Iyana Ipaja ,Agege area of Lagos.

See photos below

MUST READ!! See 5 Shocking Reasons Why Nigerians Die Early (No 4 Is True)

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The life expectancy of Nigerians is said to be below 50 years

Countries like Japan, Britain, China, have life expectancy of over 70 years

The factors responsible for sending many Nigerians to early grave are mostly anthropogenic in nature

When a typical Nigerian is told the age at which an average Nigeria may die is one or two years less than 50 years, he may look at the person who make such a statement with so much disdain. He believes such a talk is not meant for him. However, the real truth is that some Nigerians sometime go beyond their limit in their day-to-day activities. Many Nigerians over use their body, and place unnecessary burden over their head in order to survive the Nigerian daily hustle.

Some of the briefly stated reasons below are responsible for cutting short the life of many Nigerians.

1. Pollution

Everywhere is polluted in Nigeria, especially fumes coming from generators in the neighbourhoods which has carbon monoxide (CO). The noise, air, water are other forms of pollution.

2. Poor nutrition

Poor feeding due to excuse of trying to save money for the rainy days. The economic situation of the country is telling on many people also.

3. Self- medication

There is a wrong notion that the doctor is not needed. Or sometimes, prayers taking over the functions of drugs due to extremism in faith

4. Stress

Society-created stress or self-created stress. No time for vacation. No time to relax with family or friends or to socialise. The hustling and bustling in a state like Lagos, is sometimes abnormal. People leave for work very early and close very late.

5. Little of rest, sleep, exercise and medical check-up

A person that works late into the night and sleep less than four hours everyday should know he is joking with his health and his life. Medically speaking, the average hour a person should sleep in a day is a minimum of six hours. How many Nigerians observe this, not to talk of going for at least an annual medical check-up

Update: Davido Reveals Why He Registered For NYSC (Photos)

September 01, 2018 0

Davido might have revealed that he registered for NYSC to avoid regret when he enters public office..He shared the photo on his IG page and wrote;

Otondo OBO … 🇳🇬 #Nysc .. tying up every loose end ! 😇

Otondo OBO ... 🇳🇬 #Nysc .. tying up every loose end ! 😇

A post shared by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial) on

STREET GBEDU: See How Nigerians Sing “Soco” “Assurance”, Fake Love” And “Amaka” On The Street (Watch Video)

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It’s non-stop music on the street as we bring to you Street Gbedu.

On this edition of Street Gbedu on NL TV, we storm the street to make Nigerians sing to Wizkid’s “Soco“, Davido’s “Assurance“, Duncan Mighty’s “Fake Love” and 2Baba’s “Amaka“.

The way some people did their own version of these songs will make you laugh and roll on the floor 😂😂

Watch Video Below:-

Among “Soco”, “Assurance”, Fake Love” And “Amaka”, Which One Can You Sing From Start To Finish?

Don’t lie oo!

Drop your comment

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Photos:- Ajimobi And Yinka Ayefele Meet At Olubadan’s 90th Birthday (See What Happened)

August 27, 2018 0

It was glamour in display at the reception organized to mark the 90th birthday of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, on Sunday.

Oyo state governor Abiola Ajimobi attended the Olubadan’s birthday party in the company of his wife, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi; former governor of the state, Adebayo Alao Akala; and former Senate Majority Leader, Teslim Folarin among other dignitaries.

Popular singer Yinka Ayefele was also at the birthday event and appeared to be in high spirits and cheerful mood as he met with governor Ajimobi following the demolition of the singer’s Music House/Radio Station. The demolition sparked a public outcry.

The colorful reception was also attended by prominent traditional rulers, which included;

Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife; the Eleruwa of Eruwa, Oba Samuel Adegbola; the Olugbo of Igbo, Oba Obateru Akirintan; and the Obanikoro of Lagos, who represented the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akinolu.

See more photos below:-

Policemen Deal With A Mopol For Beating A Pregnant Woman

August 27, 2018 0

A Mobile Policeman was, on Saturday, arrested for raising his hands against a pregnant roadside food vendor in Lagos.

According to reports, the incident happened around Toyin roundabout, Opebi. The mopol was said to have approached the lady to buy N50 yam and N100 beans.

Trouble started when he was told that to get 3 pieces of yam, he has to pay N60.

In the cause of the resulting argument, he descended on the lady.

The attention of some policemen was later drawn to the incident and they promptly apprehended the erring officer who was severely dealt with. He was then taken to the station.